W6 or What Went Wrong?
it's a World Wide War!


This program requires Release 4 of the BeOS.
License: Freeware

Current version is 1.7, click below to download.

This a strategy game, featuring a worldmap with every single country on this planet including Swaziland (great hello to all of you Swaziland BeOS users). It has real data for every country in the world (at least in the 70's), including population, PNB etc. Using the editor, you can let the computer play alone and turn it in kind of war simulation software.

The current version (1.7) with a redesigned interface is still an intermediate release. It is quite stable (far more than the first version uploaded onto beware). The editor is enabled, you can add, modify or delete groups and politics, edit countries data, choose your own flags and so on but... you still cannot save ;-) I'll implement the save function when I consider the game's canvas is really fixed. I need to include the weapon editor which is a very difficult task considering the way this all started.



For anything related to the BeOS you can contact me at jacques@link-u.com

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