Visual W-Get



This program requires Release 4 of the BeOS.
License: GNU Freeware with sources

Current version is 0.8b, click below to download.

A simple graphical interface for the well known GNU's W-Get. This adds the ability to pause, continue the current downloald. You can use it from the command line just as the original wget or launch it as a normal app. Give it an URL (http and ftp) and it will download it. When downloading big files from the net it can be to say the least "unsure" to use netpositive since it could crash at anytime and stop all of your downloads. So you'd better use Visual-WGet. You can launch Visual-WGet multiple times. This means that if one of them happens to crash the others won't. I also plan to release some day a manager (a separate program) a la GetRight which will launch and drive VWGet(s).

Currently there's a bug which won't let you try to download another file if the download has been terminated (finished or aborted). You'll have to launch it again. Hope to solve this soon but since it may take some time I prefer to release it right now. Apart from this little problem the program is stable (of course only the part I wrote is buggy... ahem).


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